The Best Martial Arts & Zen Books To Read Now!

An Introduction To Zen Buddhism This is a fantastic book by DT Suzuki for anyone interested in getting their meditation or Zen practice going. Check it out!

The Art Of War If you haven’t read this yet, you need to dive deep into Sun Tzu’s amazing book. This is a terrific book.

The Book Of Five Rings This is a life-changing book for any martial artist and has been used in business and many other fields as well. You’ll get a ton from this book.

Hagakure If you haven’t read this book you need to right now. Find out what the mind of a Samurai was like. The wisdom come out in a simple and useful way that will change your life.

How To Fight Tough Jack Dempsey was a huge impact to combat arts and in this book you will find out his view of fighting. This is a must read!

Karate-Do: My Way Of Life This was one of the first martial arts books I read as a child starting training and I’ve re-read this many times since then. You need to read this book! Gichin Funakoshi was a genius and changed the world.

Meditations Marcus Aurelius is the man. This is a book about the thinkings of how to live from the mind of an Emperor and Stoic. If you dig Zen and want to live a life that is thought out, disciplined and with purpose this is a great place to start. I carried a copy of this with me throughout all of my combat arms army training to remind me about where I needed to focus my mind.

Mind Over Muscle: Writings From The Founder Of Judo Jigoro Kano did more for martial arts than many others — and more than most people give him credit for. This is a great book that has benefits for not just Judo folks but BJJ and anyone who wants to understand how learning the inner workings of martial arts doesn’t mean meeting force with force.

The Way Of Zen Alan Watts is one of the greats for bringing Zen to the West and he had a knack for making things make sense. This is a must read for all of you aspiring Zen dudes and dudettes.

Bruce Lee: The Art Of Expressing The Human Body I thinking that this is a must read. Bruce Lee was miles ahead of everyone else in his day and he still is today. This is just one of a few of his books that I think people should read.


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